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As you may have noticed, the World is still in a bit of a mess right now. the above photo was taken at our gig at The Sumac Centre in Nottingham on Saturday 30th November 2019. We didn't know it then, but that was to be our last gig for the forseeable future. Obviously, we don't need to tell you what an absolute shitshow of a year followed on from 2019.

As a band, we haven't been able to get together, rehearse or perform for our fans.

At the time of writing, Sunday 28th February 2021, we have had two band members test positive for the virus and both have suffered some pretty nasty symptoms, despite having what they call a 'mild' case. Both have now fully recovered and are fighting fit again.

Despite the recent Government announcement on possibly ending restrictions in June 2021, we will not be performing live until we are 100% convinced that it is safe for us to do so. We want the safest possible environment for ourselves and our fans so we can all get together and go absolutely mental.

Stay safe people, we're almost through this.

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