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Tickets are available now for our gig supporting the legendary DISCHARGE on Saturday 1st December. The gig takes place at Club 85 in Hitchin, yes, a proper music venue rather than the back room of a pub! granted, there's a pub downstairs, but that's not the point as Club 85 is a fantastic venue. Paul and Arup have both performed there with Jesus Hooligan, but this will be the first visit for The Blissetts, so cheers to David at Basilisk Promotions for putting us on. Joining us on the bill are the recently confirmed Gurt and Negative Frame.

Anyone who knows their stuff about the heavier end of the music spectrum will know that Discharge weren't just an influence on punk bands, but also their sound and style played a massive part in shaping thrash metal, and if it wasn't for them, the likes of Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax probably wouldn't sound like they do today!

Tickets are £14.50 in advance, any left will be available on the door for more!

Click here to get Discharge tickets


Well here we are with our first website update this year, October 2018, some 10 months later than intended. We didn't get out much in 2017, largely due to err, how shall we say, 'legal wranglings' involving several members of the band which dragged on for nearly all of 2017 and into early 2018 and lead to the complete vindication of those involved. We're not saying any more than that, as apart from the band members involved, it had absolutely nothing to do with The Blissetts as a band.

Secondly, The Blissetts frontman Paul has been going through a somewhat protracted house move hell, which saw the Blissetts super-computer go into storage just after Christmas and it finally saw the light of day back in May, and updates to this website were then delayed again as it took BT months to get the phone line sorted. Having made the heart wrenching decision to leave the jewel of South Hertfordshire that is Watford, Paul is now safely tucked up in the beautiful British countryside somewhere.

So, with all this going on, we somehow managed to get 2 gigs done and dusted, mainly having to rely on our social media sites while this website was unaccessible.

The first, was like putting on an old familiar coat, when we hit one of our favourite haunts, The Green Room in Welwyn Garden City on Saturday 17th February. Alongside St Albans favourite sons The Zipheads and Brocker, and local boys The 924's, we managed to sell out the venue. Not bad for a bunch of local bands! It was a fantastic night, just ask the very drunk fake vicar!

'Good Friday' 30th March - The second gig was bittersweet as hours before the gig, we found out that Dave Longman, fan of both The Blissetts and Brocker had died the day before the gig (see below). Naturally, ourselves and Brocker both dedicated our sets to ginger Dave that night. The gig saw us hit T Chances in Tottenham, North London for the first time (and we've since learned last time as it's been sold to a sodding housing developer) for another Punk 4 The Homeless benefit featuring Rites of Hadda, who featured several members of the sadly missed Oiz II Men and Spirit of the Age, who's bassist Paul managed to do what had long been considered impossible, and got Paul Blissett 'well into' Judas Priest.

We've posted flyers for the 2 gigs below for prosterity and historical purposes, but mainly just to fill space.

Which brings us up to today, Saturday 6th October 2018.

We currently have 3 gigs lined up. Not much you say? But they are belters!! First up is our long awaited return to the live scene when we return to Nottingham for another Punk 4 The Homeless benefit gig at the Sumac Centre on Saturday 24th November. We will be in familiar company with our fellow wing men, ie Brocker and Terminal Rage, as well as Luddite Bastard and The Drove. Our last gig for P4TH at the Sumac got very silly very quickly and given the company on the bill, we fully expect another night of top quality high stupidity.

A week later on Saturday 1st December we head over to play our first gig at Club 85 in Hitchin where we'll be supporting legendary punk band DISCHARGE. Anyone who knows their musical history will know how Discharge played a major part in shaping the thrash metal scene as we know it today. Full details, including ticket link, on the gig page.

We can also confirm our first gig of 2019 when we return to our hometown of Watford to support anarcho punk legends CONFLICT, who were a big influence on The Blissetts being formed in the first place, back in late 2004. This gig takes place at our old stomping ground The Flag on Saturday 13th April 2019.

See you at the bar! - THE BLISSETTS.

Dave Longman


2nd September 1981 - 29th March 2018

Wherever you are Dave, we know you've got a pint in your hand and you're dancing around like a runaway lawnmower.

Rest In Peace Mate.

For those that didn't know Dave, he was a regular at gigs at The Green Room in Welwyn Garden City. It wasn't just our gigs, Dave was a fan of pretty much everyone and a lover of live music in general. Given that people would rather stay in on a Saturday night and watch manufactured crap like the X Factor instead of going out and discovering new music for themselves makes Dave's passing that much sadder.

Dave wouldn't have been watching the X Factor, he would have been at a gig, bopping away down the front like a lunatic. His presence will be sorely missed, not just at gigs, but also on the terraces of his beloved Bury FC.

Dave, The Blissetts raise a pint to you and thank you for your years of support from the bottom of our hearts.

P4TH Easter Mayhem!

T - Shirts Still In Stock

Our ever popular 'Independent and Unrepentant' T - Shirt is still in stock on our Bandcamp page. This is the 4th run of the shirt and you can grab one for £10 plus P & P and is available in S/M/L and XL. We won't be printing more of the 'Liars' shirt so if you've got one, consider yourself  lucky!! Click here to go to our Bandcamp page


We'd like to thank everyone for their continued support throughout 2017. Another year, our 13th to be exact, not bad for a band that were told 'you won't last more than 3 months' back in 2004.

We'd like to thank Denis Gwatkin and the awesome crew behind Gwatkin Cider and the DOWN ON THE FARM FESTIVAL, Mungo and the Green Room crew, Eagle, Joy and the Punk 4 The Homeless crew, Pete, Dan, Watford Jon and the rest of the Watford Punk Collective, our boy Rich and Terminal Rage, Andy Tranter for the merch and out ever loyal Twitter mob led by Daz, John, Sandra, Gwyn and Rich who have fought our corner every step of the way, our faithful gig buddies Brocker, The Heart Of Anarchy Punk Fest Crew - Rafa, Bob and Nickie, Ashley for her continued support from the otherside of the pond and anyone else we've forgotten

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