There are times in life when we all crash and burn / Feeling so alone, it's a hard lesson to learn / There ain't nothing like having someone to talk to / So take your head out of the sand, it's not just you

Chorus: We're going in the same direction / We're just taking different paths / We're all looking for a solution / We don't need no state confusion / We could gain so much more / Wouldn't you like to even the score? / Need to see past our apathy / All we need is unity

United we stand, divided we fall / We've got to stand together one and all / We'll party on when all is said and done / Strength in unity, our voice speaks as one

Pauls Note: The first of two songs written by The Blissetts original line-up once we had started gigging. Played live for the first time at a low key gig at Basement Studio's in Watford in October 2005. We played it live at the next two gigs in Camden (December '05) and Barnet (January '06) before the original line-up split up. All that exists of this song is a very bad quality mp3 from the Basement gig. We ripped off the start of The Ramones 'Blitzkrieg Bop' with the 'Hey Ho, Let's Go' bit and used it as the Intro to Unity.

The song is about working together. Nuff said.


All lyrics written by Paul. ©2005