It don't take a genius to see, the breakdown in our society / While our boys go off to war, we're flying plane bombers out the back door / An angry father confronts a yob, he get's stabbed to death by a baying mob / When the BNP knock on your door, punch the bastards to the floor.

Chorus - Cleaning up the streets of shame!!

When the State don't give a shit, we've no choice but to do our bit / I know this will make us just as bad, but what's making me really sad / Is the fact that it's come to this, when people kidnap their own kids / Gary Glitter is still on the loose, when he should be swinging from a noose.

Baby Peter got beaten to death, nothing but pain til his last breath / They'll get new I.D's is all I hear, when the bastards should be living in fear / There's no more justice to report, when it's the innocent that go to court / The guilty cry to Claims Direct, your system, your justice I reject.


Pauls Note: The 'justice' system in the UK is a joke. The Police as ever, only protect the rich. The rest of us are left to our own devices, we have to protect ourselves from the rising tide of scum created by a succession of uncaring Governments.

Now I'm not saying we should tool up and form lynch mobs, we need to bring communities together and look out for each other. The line about people kidnapping their own kids is a reference to poor Shannon Matthews and her scumbag family and it really does boil my piss when scumbags like Gary Glitter are moving around freely amongst us.

14 years ago I had the misfortune of being on the receiving end of a violent mugging. Now i'm well versed in martial arts so it ain't gonna happen again. Get down to your local karate/kung Fu/Tae Kwon Do class and learn the basics, save yourselves the shit I went through, and if it come's down to it USE IT!!!! Because when it comes down to it, the law isn't gonna help you out.


All lyrics written by Paul. ©2009