Here we stand crashed and burned / Another lesson we ain't learnt / I've banged my head against the wall / Trying to see your point to it all / We're never gonna see eye to eye / I'm stood here wondering why / After all of those times we had / You've gone and stabbed me in the back

Chorus - Fuck You!

You can try and bring me down / You bet I won't hang around / You can drown in your own muck / Cos now I don't give a flying fuck / I'll be up and out of that door / I've no time for you no more / I don't care now what you do / Got two words to say to you

I ain't listening to you no more / I just wanna get out of that door / So what if I crash and burn / It's a lesson I guess I'll learn

Pauls Note: It's about the break up of a friendship, simple as that. But which one? Feeling guilty? We've all been here at some point in our lives, when you think you can trust someone they go and stab you in the back. I wanted to write something deep and meaningful for the chorus but Ed insisted on the 'Fuck You's'.

All lyrics written by Paul. ©2010