This is a tale of personal woe / It happened to me sometime ago / In a rut, didn't know where to go / Nothing but The Blaggers on my stereo / Couldn't trust no-one, friend or foe / It was time to choose which way to go.

Chorus - Dumped on the scrapheap and left for dead / Ain't no point getting out of bed

Every other Tuesday signing on / my dignity had finally gone / Treated like shit, scum of the earth / I found myself cursing my own birth / A tory made nightmare, I'd gone to hell / I turned it around and came out well.

Fifteen years and we got credit crunched / Cheers for that and thanks a bunch / Is history about to repeat itself / Dumped on the scrapheap and left on the shelf / Now as I watch the profits dive / We're all fighting for our lives

Pauls Note: Initally written about spending 1993-94 working as a Government Agent, or being on the dole if you haven't had the pleasure. Now we've got the Credit Crunch/Recession. I get the feeling it's only a matter of time before history repeats itself, I already have quite a few mates trying to make ends meet due to the mess caused by the Bankers.

All lyrics written by Paul. ©2008