It was on the day the towers fell / The western world descended to hell / Couldn't get rid of this lump in my throat / I just wanted to read 'My Pet Goat' / People jumped out as the towers burned / I sat in with children as they learned / No one here to tell me what to do / A powerful man without a clue.

Chorus - My Pet, My Pet, My Pet Goat!

Sir, the homelands are under attack / My sanity is starting to crack / Can't think for myself, unable to act / 'Cos I'm a muppet and thats a fact / 'Cos I'm the man who hasn't got a brain / I'm flushing my country down the drain / Can't get rid of this lump in my throat / Wish life was simple, like in 'My Pet Goat'.


Dubya - Ubertwat

Pauls Note: The Jury is still out on this one, I consider this song to be either the dumbest thing we ever wrote, or in fact, a work of genius. You decide, either way you're not going to hear it live ever again!

I wrote this with former Blissett Dave, although I doubt he'd admit to it. We came up with it after watching Michael Moore's Farenheit 9/11. Whilst planes were busy destroying everything, our boy George W sits in a class of school children listening to a story called 'My Pet Goat'. The camera is kept on George the whole time and he looks like a little lost rabbit caught in car headlights. Useless fucker didn't even get up until some lackey informed him of the second plane hitting the World Trade Centre.

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All lyrics written by Paul. ©2005