You don't have the public interests at heart / Party politics, that's where it starts / You couldn't give a toss about the man on the street / just crush him if he turns up the heat / Get your Cops to do their 'Beat' / Man on the street knocked off his feet / Boozed up kids go on a killing spree / No future for them like there ain't for me

Chorus - Safe in the house of the powers that be / From ivory towers spying on me / When it all goes the way of the pear / you'll be safe in your Downing Street lair.

You've got the latest enemy in sight / Driven underground, watch 'em take flight / You've made up lies to start another fight / With the power of your military might / Fool the public to believe your right / man I dunno how you can sleep at night / How can you fight on the side of the right? / When you're just a war-mongering gobshite

We've all got the right to an education / Not just the inbreds of this nation / Prepare to deploy the tory joy boy / Darling of the press, their latest toy / yet all I feel is alienation / Cameron ain't the savior of our nation / Hiding behind his false pretences / I ain't even got around to your expenses


Paul's Note: Written just before the Parliament expenses scandle broke out and my, how that's all been brushed under the carpet since. Now we have the Tories back in power and they're doing their best to get rid of, well, basically anyone that isn't rich. Just how downtrodden and demoralised does a population have to be before they do anything about it? especially when it's pretty damn obvious that politicians don't give a toss.

All lyrics written by Paul. ©2008