Don't need your form of mind control / Playing heaven and hell with my soul / Don't need a lord to find my way / Your god subscription I won't pay / Not one of your easily led / Need religion like a hole in the head

Chorus - I don't want it I don't need it / Your religion you can keep it

Don't need to hear a 'divine voice' / I lead a good life, that's my choice / All you spread is the word of man / that sounds to me like a master plan / What makes you think you've got the right / Just 'cos you think you've seen the light

I'm not about to tow your line / Don't agree with me? well, that's fine / But would you afford me the same / No you'd damn me in your gods name / Belief without question I find funny / Do you believe in the easter bunny?

We don't want it we don't need it / Your religion you can keep it



Paul's Note: I have no problem if people want to believe in god, it's their life and their choice. However, what I do have a problem with is organised religion. I don't believe in god personally and I see religion as nothing more than keeping people in line by giving them the heebie jeebies about going to hell. I will not have someone tell me I'm going to hell for not believing in their god when they refuse point blank to even listen to my opinion.

Religion is the word of man, not God.

The God Delusion is named after the book by Richard Dawkins, which is well worth a read. I actually tried to change the name to 'Belief Without Question' but got a load of aggro off of Ed and Arup, so the original title stays.

All lyrics written by Paul. ©2008