The Devil's Garden

Too much time to think and / Too much room to sink and / Too much pain to care / Absent feelings don't go nowhere / Too much time to hate you / So many crimes to slate you / So many lies you told / So many smiles you sold

Chorus: While I wait for your mind to set / While I wait for your heart to harden / While I wait for the big upset / Spend my time in the devil's garden / All the crocodile tears you shed / I'm just waiting for this to start and / Put the feelings we had to bed / I'll see you down in the devil's garden

I curse the day I met you / I hate the way I kissed you / I no longer feel / On your pain I feed / Just an empty shell / Just a fishy smell / I no longer share / I no longer care


Paul's Note: The first song that was completely written by our bass monkey Ed. I can only presume that it's about being dumped (c'mon kids, we've all been there) and whoever the lady is that Ed refers to in the lyrics obviously upset him a fair bit. I thought the last three lines that Ed wrote were a tad depressing so I changed them. No one upsets a member of The Blissetts and gets away with it, so I came up with the 'Fishy smell' line, I thought I'd question her personal hygiene and now it's posted all over the internet. Ha!

All lyrics written by Ed with the odd adjustment by Paul. ©2008