Big brothers got his eye's on you / he's got his eye's on me / He wants to know everything / See everything you see / Would you put a price on freedom / What is it worth to you? / Do you know what you stand to lose / 'Cos our democracy is through!

Chorus - The death of freedom don't come free / We're paying with our liberty / Heading for Orwell's society / Living in a fascist reality

Little by little it slips away / We lose more of our rights by the day / It's in the name of gods protection they say / There really is no other way / At times it seems we are powerless / Or just ignorant and thoughtless / The lights ain't out, it's not too late / To unite so we can avoid this fate.

Was it worth fighting the second world war / When they're goosesteppin' in the back door / I don't wanna live in a fascist state / Breeding ignorance, fear and hate / Next time you step outside your door / It may well be nineteen eighty four.


Paul's Note: The tune we kick off the set with. It's about the onset of the nanny state, bigged up by George Orwell's 1984. We use a sample from the film V For Vendetta before we kick off the song live. I'm not paranoid, the state is paranoid, that's why they are hellbent on reducing our freedom using the excuse of 'National Security'. Whilst we stand around blaming the ills of society on immigrants we should be looking at the fat cats running the country, That's where the fascists hide. People died for our hard fought freedom and any Fascist and Nazi should be treated with the contempt they deserve.

"The footsoldiers of the fascists have always been working class. In times of economic chaos, strife, trouble, the fascists rear their ugly heads pretending to be the new rival opposition, when they are the mercenaries of the rich, hired by the rich, to maintain their social order. If only we as a class could realise it's pointless fighting between black and white, protestant, catholic, jew, arab, and that our interests lie in standing together. It's no good fighting for the crumbs that fall from the rich mans table, the smaller the crumb, the more violent the fight. In Germany in 1932, one year before Hitler came to power, he received only 20 per cent of the vote. In 1992 in France, LePen's National Front received just over 14 per cent of the vote. Remember, fascism doesn't start at the concentration camps, THAT'S WHERE IT ENDS!"  Thomas Mensforth.

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All lyrics written by Paul. ©2007