Can you hear the cash till ring? / I wanna be the next big thing / Give me hit singles, record deals / let the public pick up the bill / I'm gonna sing the same old shite / Recycled on a Saturday night

Paraded in front of the nation / Come give me your adulation / I got a certified number one / Double page spread in 'The Sun' / Dumped at the drop of a hat / Back at McDonalds just like that

Now we're all asking 'who?' / No one can remember you / The media men found a new toy / Plastic punk rock poster boys / A sure fire hit for number one / Read all about them in 'The Sun'

What happened to integrity? / Simon Cowell don't mean shit to me / It doesn't come from the heart / When your made to play a part / It's all just done for the pound / He'll never like The Blissetts sounds!

Fifteen Minutes of fame


Paul's Note: Originally appeared on the Destruction Day single where we tried to out-Motorhead Motorhead. That version was an absolute nightmare to record. I re-wrote the song with Arup and he gave it a much crunchier feel with a nice stomping bit. When we first played it live, Bob the Builder was top of the UK charts, which sums up just what a joke the music industry is.

I wrote these lyrics in response to all these poxy Pop Idol/X Factor reality Tv shows which offer instant fame and fortune, and also the ability to completely destroy someone's dreams, or, just make them look like total morons for the publics viewing pleasure. The Blissetts will never take a penny from this cash cow(ell).

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All lyrics written by Paul. ©2005 - Slightly modified 2011