Blissetts In Da House

Blissetts! Blissetts! Blissetts!

Chorus: On your case, in your face, The Blissetts in da house!


Paul's Note: This was just meant to be a minute long intro to our live set, but the guys wanted to make it into a whole song. It went on for far too long and certainly didn't warrant being played as the last song in the set.

I remember doing this at the Camden gig in December '05, Gaz, the drummer at the time, missed out the whole middle 8/guitar solo bit and went straight into the crash, bang, wallop AC-DC style ending. Dave the guitarist back then, just shouted 'GARY!!', it was funny as fuck. They both argued about it for weeks after.

This song hasn't been performed live since January 2006 just before the bands original line up split.

All lyrics written by Paul. ©2005