We're the United States of Devastation / Targeting YOU for annihilation / We rule with the might of shock and awe / We're gonna bomb you into the floor / We crush with the mother of all bombs at hand / And when it's over we'll build you a Disneyland / We want our payback for 9/11 / You've got a one way ticket to heaven

Bridge - USA, coming to get you, USA, you're already dead

Chorus - Are you a hawk? Are you a dove? Are you none of the above? / Now you've really made our blood boil / You're gonna die, DIE FOR OIL

The new American Empire starts here / Put on your TV, kick back, have a beer / As long as the free can eat at KFC / Do you care if it leads to World War Three? / Watching twenty four hours in widescreen / Do you care what the repercussions might mean? / Put on CNN, Baghdad's been bombed again / Digital bloodshed on the News At Ten

Anti war don't mean you're for the other guy / That's a bullshit propagandha lie / Bush, Blair, Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein / Liars and cunts, they're all the same / Where are the weapons we were told they had? / A war for oil started by the power mad / As terrorists look to even the score / A can of worms opened forever more


Paul's Note: This one is in three parts. All attacking the media and their portrayal of the war in Iraq. The WMD's were never found, but there was shitloads of oil.

First verse - I got pissed off with all of these diagrams in the papers at the time, showing exactly how many bombs, tanks, planes, boats etc we have in our arsenal and how they manage to measure the size of a bombs devastation in football pitches(???). In reality all the 'enemy' seem to have is a few soldiers, some tanks, a plane (if they're lucky) and a slightly hard goat.

Second verse - Is about how you can watch the war 24 hours a day and covered from every angle in widescreen and dolby digital. We become de-sensitized to the horror we see on TV. All that's missing is the Directors Commentary.

Third verse - Certain war mongering tossers would have us believe that anyone against the war on terror is quite obviously best mates with Osama Bin Laden or some kind of pinko commie. Total toss. I don't support the war in any way, shape or form, however, even I wouldn't resist planting a left hook on Osama, or George W come to think of it.

The structure of this song hasn't changed over the years, apart from the fact that it seems to get longer everytime we do it. It's also great when we use the George W Bushism samples during a live gig. The best one has to be 'I know that human beings and fish can co-exist peacefully'. Twat.

Now that America has voted in its new god, only time will tell if he's as blood thirsty as old Georgie boy, so we'll probably retire this song and just play it at headline gigs.

All lyrics written by Paul. ©2005