If you require information about the band , gigs, merchandise or football scores then click the button below. We feel that people don't communicate enough these days and there is hardly any sense of community anymore which is something we would like to re-address, so get in touch because we like hearing from you, and we will reply to everyone.

The Blissetts are available for gigs, we're cheap and bloody love playing so if you would like us to play then get in touch and we will consider your offer and see what we can sort out. We are also up for playing benefit gigs for organisations and charities such as hunt sabs, animal rights, anti-capitalist, third world poverty and environmental causes.

Please Note: We no longer operate our Mailing List. If you do Facebook and Twitter, you can follow us on those platforms. Our music is available through our Bandcamp page. Full links for these are on our 'Links' page as well as the top left hand corner of your screen.

We also have profiles on MySpace and Punk Rockers, but be aware that these are no longer monitored

Use the button below or via paul@theblissetts.co.uk

Get in touch people, it's all about COMMUNICATION!

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