The Blissetts - Photo by Ami Kaye


The Blissetts are not for the faint hearted. Led by indomitable front man Paul, Arup and Jake on guitars, Andy on bass and Ajay on drums, The Blissetts sound is a car crash of anarcho-punk, Oi and old skool rock, with a whole host of current events thrown in. The Blissetts pride themselves on hard hitting, rabble rousing lyrics and big anthemic choruses and Paul’s vocal delivery comes through loud and clear to ram the message home. The Blissetts are not Anarchists or Revolutionaries, and have never claimed to be, they’re just five honest, hard working blokes trying to make their way in a world that seems to care less and less each day, and this, is why The Blissetts exist.

The Blissetts burst onto the UK punk scene in 2009 taking local audiences by storm before branching out over the whole country and with the aid of the internet, the World. The Blissetts aren’t scared of anyone or anything and have tackled racism, fascism, capitalism, the environment, unemployment, politics, war, Simon Cowell and God.

The Blissetts have a very broad and varied fan base, not just the usual punks and skinheads, proof if ever it were needed that the bands message is getting across to a much wider audience.

The Blissetts released the digital download singles 'Liars, Cheats, Thieves and Politicians' (on election day no less) and 'The Death of Freedom' as well as having several tracks appear on compilation albums, most notably the 'Punk 4 Japan' Benefit CD. The band's first mini-album 'We're The Blissetts, Who The Fuck Are You?' was released to critical acclaim.

Whilst regularly getting airplay on internet radio stations, The Blissetts cut into the mainstream with the band being played on 'BBC Introducing' where they were introduced by none other than Watford Jon from street punk legends Argy Bargy. The Blissetts also got their first airplay in the USA with the tracks 'Dumped on the Scrapheap' and the huge sounding 'The God Delusion'.

The Blissetts have topped the ReverbNation Punk Chart for local bands several times and regularly make the top 10 in the ReverbNation National Punk Chart.

The Blissetts gig extensively and have helped raise thousands of pounds for the Punk 4 The Homeless Charity as well as taking part in their events and appearing at the first ever Punk 4 The Homeless 'Cheap As Chips' Festival in Skegness in 2011 and Sutton Bridge in 2012, headlining both events. The Blissetts have also shared stages with the likes of the Anti-Nowhere League, Cockney Rejects, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Crashed Out, London, 999, UK Subs and the newly reformed Anti-Pasti at their first gig in over 17 years. The Blissetts have also taken part in the anti-fascist event, the 'United And Strong' Festival, lining up alongside Blaggers ITA and The Oppressed along with renowned European bands such as the Stage Bottles, Bull Brigade, S*Contro, Non Servium and Brigada Flores Magon.

The Blissetts were also on the bill for the first ever Antifa 0161 Festival in Manchester in 2014, where The Blissetts played along side well respected bands The Oppressed, Angelic Upstarts, Stage Bottles, Wasted Youth, Red Alert and Los Cherrees.

In a world where apathy is preferred to action, a band like The Blissetts is needed now more than ever, just to give us all the kick up the backside that we sorely need to get fired up. The band’s message is a simple one: ‘Don’t blindly believe everything you are told, make up your own minds!’.

The Blissetts are currently working on their debut album 'Fanning the Flames of Discontent' and will be released in the Autumn of 2015.


'The Blissetts were fucking amazing, the best band to support us on this tour' - Charlie Harper, UK Subs

'The Blissetts were bloody awesome tonight, but Paul's got to stop climbing up that pillar, it's a Health and Safety nightmare!' - Watford Jon, Argy Bargy and Watford Punk Collective

'And so to the headliners The Blissetts – what a fine bunch. Having had them booked before and missing out I was glad to at last catch up with these choice players. Their behaviour throughout the day had been spot on with a couple having a ping about and getting into the spirit of things. Add to this the material I had reviewed of the band before had been highly likeable and sweetly politically niggling it was a matter of course that they played a Fungal jaunt at some point (especially has Eagle had been singing their praises). I wasn’t disappointed, in fact I was mildly surprised, as I thought I would get a set filled with cultured songs played with middling power and with emphasis on a careful structure rather than a ram-rodding gamble. This was in fact a very potent set loaded with large, looming power and the gamble it seems is no such thing as this is regular riffage and how they usually ply their trade. What a choice finish with the guitar man actually playing some of the set whilst out of the room on one of his many soirees. The rest of the band cracked on and played a stormer with the frontman’s accented delivery clear, identifiable and perfectly complimentary to the surround around sound. Best song – too many to name but I do like ‘The God Delusion’. Concrete!' - Dave Fungalpunk

'Last up The Blissetts. Full of politics of the right (not right) sort. Anarchic in a Blaggers ITA kind of way. The Blissetts ram raid for sure but it’s not done by just speed and volume. The Blissetts will dance lightly round the ring out manoeuvring and heavy weight but delivered gracefully with style. There is passion and creativity here by the bucket full. Anti fascist, anti politics, anti oppression, pro punk, pro Punk 4 The Homeless. I'm with these chaps just don't ask me to keep up. One highlight was seeing the guitarist not miss a chord even when a Brocker member has jumped on his back and stayed there. Another professional set of pro active punk.' - Eagle Spits

'I was all chilled out until I saw The Blissetts, now I want to fucking hit someone' Rob, Blissetts fan

'Finally, The Blissetts - full steam ahead, anti-political, political punk rock. Anti-fascist lovers of Blaggers ITA turning out well crafted assertive punk noise. The more obvious punk influences were present, Conflict, Dead Kennedy’s, Angelic Upstarts etc. but there were, what my ears took to be, intense and more obscure influences. Somewhat akin to Slint, Lung, Oil Seed Rape and other bands of that ilk. Their usual subjects of importance were covered, racism, capitalism, politics, war etc. etc. but for some reason Simon Cowell and Little Jimmy Saville were also attacked. Full on driving force, well rehearsed musical attack from people who know how to play and click together in a muscle bound combat assault. Get out of the water or swim with it because you can’t swim against it and nobody is abandoning ship. Unstoppable and unmissable. Obviously the audience were in a frenzy and danced, slammed and jostled throughout the set. The Blissetts certainly kicked some arse and hopefully some folk will be inspired to get involved in trying to change some of the negative situations in our world today. A great finish to a great day.'  Gary Eagling reviewing the 'P4TH Cheap As Chips' All-Dayer 13/10/12

'I feel the best way to describe the sound of The Blissetts is nothing less than 'honest'. Very under-produced, very natural and with a salting of yesteryear, a peppering of today and a sauce of their own doing this is highly likeable stuff with a stubborn streak of sonic sausage meat to keep you chewing on what has been strummed and said. Much purity comes this way, much ranting and raving but what else would one want - we are supposed to be punkers after all' - Dave Fungalpunk

'The UK has a thriving punk scene and the Blissetts are a fine addition. Rockin' out of Watford, these guys are a great band with longevity. Having only a few releases these guys are very active, when they can. The great thing about the underdog scene is these guys aren't rock stars, when the gig is over it's back to the old 9 to 5. The Blissetts are no different and they are all about the working class. Great tunes, great shows with crowd involvement. Don't miss these guys' - Punk Rock '77 Thru Today

'1977 injected punk rock lyric led tune that will never be on the scrapheap' - Woodstock Punkrock, Studs and Punks Website

'If you're offended by bad language, may we suggest you tune into another radio station. We apologise in advance for The Blissetts' - Punk 4 The Homeless Radio Show, South Holland Radio